Dehydrate Ramps For Long Term Storage

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It’s easy to dehydrate ramps for long term storage when you let a dehydrator do most of the work for you for proper food preservation. Follow along below for the simple instructions to ensure none of your fresh ramps spoil and go to waste.

freshly foraged ramps in a basket
cut and dehydrated ramps on wax paper and in glass jar for long term storage

How Do You Dry Ramp Bulbs?

Putting the bulbs in a dehydrator is the easiest way I found to dehydrate ramps since you just put them on the trays, turn on the machine, and walk away until later. Here is a dehydrator very similar to the one I use if you are looking for a machine that you can control the settings. I use the herb setting to dehydrate the bulbs which is 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why Do I Need To Dehydrate Ramp bulbs?

  • they are a wild vegetable that has a very short season and limited quantities
  • dehydrating them will extend their shelf life and preserve their flavor
  • you can grind them to a powder after dried and use as you would garlic or onion powder
  • dehydrating is a great way to preserve nutrients and enzymes

What You Will Need To Dehydrate Ramp Bulbs

How-To Instructions

freshly washed ramp bulb and stems on a white cutting board

Slice the Bulbs and Put Them Onto A Mesh Lined Dehydrator Tray

When putting them on the trays, make sure to keep them flat and separated for better drying. Also, I set my dehydrator outside for the first 12 hours of running because these little guys are pungent and your home will fill up with the garlicky/onion odor. The last 12 hours or so I moved them indoors to finish. By then the odor isn’t nearly as bad as when they first start to dehydrate.

fresh cut ramps on a dehydrator tray with an mesh liner

Set the dial on the dehydrator

For the Excalibur I use the herb setting which is 95 degrees. I like to go low and long to make sure they are completely dried all the way through.

Dehydrate for approximately 24 hours

This will vary. It also helps to rotate your trays periodically about every 4-6 hours. This isn’t exact. Just when you think about it. They are done when they are dry and crisp, not flexible.

Put them on a baking sheet lined with wax paper

When they are crisp, put them on a baking sheet lined with wax paper to cool just a few minutes. They will be slightly warm so you don’t want to seal them up and trap that heat and cause moisture.

dehydrated ramps for long term storage

Pour into a sealed container-Label and date for long term food storage

After they’ve cooled for about 5 minutes, using the wax paper will make it easier to pour them into your sealed storage container. I use this glass jar with an airtight rubber seal and glass lid.

close up of dehydrated ramps in a glass jar for long term storage

Use the dried ramps to add to soups and stews. Or rehydrate in warm water for about 5 minutes and add to scrambled eggs, stir fry, or anywhere else you would normally add onions and garlic.

Hope you give it a try and let me know how it went for you.

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